Victory Glorious Laminated glass doesn't shatter like ordinary glass. The tough, clear interlayer absorbs impact, resists penetration, and remains intact even if broken, holding glass fragment in place and lowering the risk of injury. Global building standards increasingly specify stricter safety requirements, especially for overhead glazing where any breakage could mean a major hazard from falling glass. Glass made by Victory Glorious easily meet these requirements.
     Many residential and commercial break-ins are made through windows and glass door panels. The rise in urban crime and international terrorism also points to laminated glass as an increasingly desirable material of construction. Laminated glass resists intrusion because the interlayer continues to safeguard the building even after the glass itseft is broken. Security glass can't be cut from only one side, so ordinary glass-cutters are useless as break-in tools. Depending on thickness, security glass laminated with Victory Glorious Laminated glass can protect against bomb and resist bullet penetration from high powered rifles.
     3.Sound Reduction
     Noise makes its easiest entry into a building through glass, but laminated glass is an excellent barrier to noise. This makes it ideal from airports, hotels, data-processing centers, recording studios, and any building near airports, highways, or train lines. Laminated glass windows and doors made with Victory Glorious Laminated glass reduce ambient noise to provide a quieter, more peaceful environment for work or home.
     4.UV Control
     Ultraviolet light is the leading cause of deterioration and fading of furnishings, pictures, and fabrics. Victory Glorious Laminated glass can be manufactured with UV-absorbing additives that can screen out almost all damaging UV rays without affecting the visible light essential for visibility and plant growth.
     5.Weather/natural Disaster Protection
     The heavy winds of tornados and hurricanes easily shatter conventional glass, causing injuries from flying fragments and damage to interiors exposed to the devastating weather outside. Similarly, earthquakes often produce a fallout of extremely dangerous shards of broken glass. But Victory Glorious Laminated glass remains in the frame, maintaining a protective envelope around the home or building to keep weather out and deter glass shards from flying.
     6. Durability
     Victory Glorious Laminated glass retains its color and strength for the life of the building, yet is as easily cleaned as any conventional glass. Unlike film overlays or other stick-on window protection, laminated interlayers from DuPont are building right i at the glass factory, staying permanently in place and resisting peel or delamination.
     7. Low Visible Distortion
     Victory Glorious Laminated glass is usually glazed in an annealed form, which avoids the distortion caused by the 'roller waves' in tempered and heat-strengthened glass. The result is outstanding optical clarity and beauty.
     8. Fire retardancy
     When exposed to heat and flames, ordinary glass tends to shatter, allowing a flow of air to feed and spread the fire. while standard laminated glass doesn't meet code requirements for fire-resistent glass, it will not disintegrate readily when exposed to heat, so it confines the fire longer, giving more time for evacuation and control of the fire.
     9. Solar Energy Control
     While natural light plays a vital role in architectural design, too much sunlight can mean too much heat inside the building, leading to high energy costs. laminated glass can be tinted to reduce heat gain, control glare, and lower air conditioning expenditures.
     10. Design and Installation Versatility
     Victory Glorious Laminated glass can be bent, annealed, toughened, heat- or chemical-strengthened, wired, Patterned, Tinted, and made reflective.

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